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Some of Severe Tire Damage's songs use words that may be inappropriate for small children and the narrow minded.

Who Cares "The bastards just turn up the gain..."
"...who fucking cares..."
We Hate This Song "You're just our fans, so fuck you..."
"This shit's for the birds..."
Around and Around "...while I sit on my ass..."
Chris Killed Your Dog "...he overheard you bitching..."
"...shut up, cunt..."
I Need More "...sell it to Bruce Springsteen."

If anyone's offended, consider the fact that our songs talk about cancer, drug use, euthanasia for hire, and ruining the environment. The songs that don't use foul language are about home surgery with power tools, schizophrenia, the warm feeling of watching a friend's car burn, getting killed in a gun duel, and running with scissors.

Hearing Damage

Severe Tire Damage music can be very loud.

First Album: Who Cares

Chris Killed Your Dog
Time Marches On
What I Do
I Need More
Who Cares
A Thousand Clowns
Car On Fire
Around and Around

Alternate Songs: Who Cares

Evariste (with 3 Steves!)
Voices (Jeremy by Steve)
Time Marches On (Mark)
Time Marches On (Live)
Who Cares (Steve)
Car On Fire (modern rock)
Around and Around (Acoustic)
Halloween (Russ)
Halloween (Steve)

Second Album: Trial Starter Kit

"A Special Message"
Hospital Love
Pincushion Boy

More Crap From Severe Tire Damage

Anna K
Banana Slug Song
Falling For You
Future Jazz
Girl With Emphysema
H. Ross Perot
Heart And Soul of the Bride of Frankenstein
Jingle Bells
The Karin Ann Phillips Song
Lance's Dad
Last Song Tonight
MBone For Nothing
Monks On Dope
Not Dead Yet
Ornamental Comic Toad
The Sandwich Song
STD 'n da House
Wah Not
Wannabe (small furry rodents)
Windy Flute Song

News Videos

A band that sucks this much really shouldn't be on television. But since the TV folks always bought us dinner and beer (and beer and beer), it was a good thing. Here are clips of Severe Tire Damage that have hit the air worldwide.

Britain's SkyTV (Nov 19, 1994) DOWNLOAD
The first news report of Severe Tire Damage's opening act for the Rolling Stones

Computer Chronicles (May 2, 1995) DOWNLOAD
More coverage of our opening act, interviewing both Marks

Nanotopia (Nov 13, 1995) DOWNLOAD
Mark Weiser is interviewed in this technology report

While discussing livestreaming, Lance does a video high-five

Using the Internet (PBS, 1996) DOWNLOAD
This opens by saying of Severe Tire Damage: "... they are without doubt, the worst rock-and-roll band to ever play on the Internet, or perhaps anywhere else"

Korea's MBT, part 1 (Jan, 1997) DOWNLOAD
A Korean film crew features Severe Tire Damage in a four-hour piece about the Internet

Korea's MBT, part 2 (Jan, 1997) DOWNLOAD
The Korean news anchor interviews Steve

USENIX Introduction (Jan 10, 1997) DOWNLOAD
Severe Tire Damage plays Carcinoma at the closing session of USENIX

USENIX Talk Excerpt (Jan 10, 1997) DOWNLOAD
Severe Tire Damage finishes I Need More then attempts a technical explanation

USENIX "Chris Killed Your Dog" (Jan 10, 1997) DOWNLOAD
Severe Tire Damage plays Chris Killed Your Dog for the USENIX crowd

The Internet Cafe (PBS, 1997) DOWNLOAD
Steve and Russ get interviewed about our Internet pranks

Austrian TV (ORF, Sep 8, 1997) DOWNLOAD
Mark Weiser gets interviewed in German

New Media News (Nov 19, 1997) DOWNLOAD
A piece about Severe Tire Damage interviews Steve and Mark Weiser

Windows Refund Day (Feb 15, 1999) DOWNLOAD
Severe Tire Damage plays at a protest against Microsoft

History of the Internet (July, 2014) DOWNLOAD
Many years later, older members of the band discuss their foolish youth

STD and the Rolling Stones (Oct 7, 2022) DOWNLOAD
An even older Steve reminisces about Severe Tire Damage and the Rolling Stones

Silly Videos

It wasn't easy filling an hour show every Wednesday night. So Severe Tire Damage created a few videos to kill time between sets. Proactive slacking, from the only band that really cares, Severe Tire Damage.

Perspective on History DOWNLOAD
Peter Douglas, founder of the Museum of Magnetic Recording, makes a pitch for Severe Tire Damage

Severely Damaged Tires Breakfast Cereal DOWNLOAD
A commercial for "another fine collateral product from the first band on the net, Severe Tire Damage."

Severe Tire Damage News 1 DOWNLOAD
Elizabeth Wertheimer, an actor and friend of the band, hosts news about Severe Tire Damage

Severe Tire Damage News 2 DOWNLOAD
More news no one needs, including our news anchor getting knocked out by microphone

Band on Demand (May 15, 1999) DOWNLOAD
In a gratuitous attempt to be on the Internet 24/7, Severe Tire Damage invents "Band On Demand", in which we patiently sit around waiting for someone to choose a song, then race downstairs to play it (in this case, Terry Winograd requests Pincushion Boy)