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Severe Tire Damage Band Members

Russ Haines

Guitar and Vocals
Good: Skydiver, Scuba, Snow skier, Author. Bad: Cadaver allograft ACL, Slacker. Quote: "Enjoy us loudly with your friends."
Mark Manasse

Bass and Vocals
Good: Inline Skater, Solved F9, Invented Millicent. Bad: Has MS, Factors large prime numbers. Quote: "We *are* the hype."
Steve Rubin

Good: Private Pilot, Taught woodshop at summer camp. Bad: Two knee meniscotomies and counting. Quote: Regarding Severe Tire Damage: "Now I know why I became a Computer Scientist."
Mark Weiser

Good: Mediagenic. Bad: Dead. Quote: "Verbs? Uhhh... 'Green.'"
Lance Berc

Fog and Imaging
Good: Snow Skier, Competition Sailor, Road/Mt Biker. Bad: Ruptured Achilles tendon, Two major heart attacks. Quote: "Will three fog machines be enough?"
Brad Horak

Effects and Networks
Good: Snow Skier, Scuba diver, Motorcyclist, N6BDE. Bad: Frequent Mountain Dew Hangover. Quote: "I've got enough microwave links to broadcast from the beach."
Berry Kercheval

Audio and Hacks
Good: Author, Bassist of TBFKAT (The Band Formerly Known As Trogus). Bad: British car enthusiast. Quote: "Yes, I am wearing earplugs. What's your point?"

Severe Tire Damage Friends

  • Hania Gajewska: band manager emeritus, not affected by fog.
  • Ken Beckman: founding member; drums, live audio engineering.
  • Anna Karlin (of Anna's All-Girl Band): founding member; guitar and vocals.
  • Amy Lansky (of Not Dead Yet): vocals.
  • Dexter Kozen (of Harmful If Swallowed): guitar, composer.
  • Ethan Robertson: sax and keyboards.
  • Bruce Donald (of Harmfulf Swallowed): guitar.
  • Daniel Scharstein (of Harmful If Swallowed): keyboards and drums.
  • Paul "Shag" Walmsley: remote operator.

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