The House Band of the Internet


Who are those people in the blurry photo?

First Band on the Internet

In June, 1993 Severe Tire Damage became the first band to livestream, broadcasting video and audio on the Internet. Then, to demonstrate that technology can be both loud and annoying, Severe Tire Damage livestreamed weekly rehearsals.

Our Music

Music can't hurt you. Usually. Unless it's from Severe Tire Damage.


Severe Tire Damage had TV appearances and press clipping ranging from a front page cover photo in The San Jose Mercury to a feature in a four hour series for Korean TV.


Once upon a time, Severe Tire Damage had many amazing things to sell. But then the barbarian hoardes descended and bought it all.

The End

Isn't that a nice story, children? No, don't cry. Please! I'll buy you a lollipop or a nice plush teddybear. Wait, I have a better idea...

Listen to our music online!

Yes, all our music is available at streaming services: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and plenty more. If you're still not satisfied, listen (and even download) our music right here.

Enjoy us loudly with your friends!


Just the thing for when the skies of November turn chilly. Fans could light their own fire or someone else's with these. Made entirely from non-replaceable clear-cut old growth by an ugly bald guy named Sid who likes to be called "Red."


Die-hard fans could accentuate their favorite body part with this keen Severe Tire Damage tattoo. Although the official Severe Tire Damage tattoo is removable, Severe Tire Damage offered to contribute five dollars towards any permanent application of a Severe Tire Damage tattoo. This offer was void for Lemmy and children under twelve.


This fine product was hand made by Buhrundi Monks in secret underground laboratories. They came in many colors and flavors and may even have inhibited conception when used correctly. The condoms did, too. "Don't Back Up" is just one of the catchy slogans on each condom package. Collectors attempted to get the whole set and traded them with friends.


There was a time when we had t-shirts, conveniently ready in time for early Christmas shopping. A great conversation starter and tubercular phlegm collector. While wearing the shirt, band members were stopped on the street by passersby who recognized Severe Tire Damage as "first band on the Internet", without necessarily recognizing the person wearing it... If the wearer's response is, "Severe Tire Damage SUCKS!" --it was probably a band member.


Remember the CD? Those strange physical objects that now sit in shoeboxes under your bed? If you're over 40, you keep them next to your boxes of casette tapes. And if you're over 60, there are probably some 8-track tapes there, too.
Severe Tire Damage is proud to have been part of that incredible rush toward consumerism. We created two CDs, then merged them into a "Best Of", just for fun.