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Severe Tire Damage on The Internet Cafe

Steve and Russ were interviewed on the PBS show "The Internet Cafe" in 1997. The show was filmed at the Cybersmith Cafe in Palo Alto, California. The history of Severe Tire Damage and its technical innovations were discussed. The Custom CD and Severe Tire Damage's website were plugged by host Stewart Cheifet.

Before filming, the producers of "Internet Cafe" give Steve, Russ, and Lance free passes to all of the VR games at the Cybersmith Cafe. While waiting for the video crew to shoot the interview, Severe Tire Damage racked up hundreds of dollars of game time. By the time the interview started at midnight, the producers had become accustomed to hearing, "can we have another credit card? This one's worn out."

Video Courtesy of PCTV, Inc. www.pctv.com.