Severe Tire Damage: Who Cares

(Lyrics by: Steve Rubin, Music by: Anna Karlin and Dexter Kozen)

A theme song for the Unabomber. Everyone got so excited over one little problem and ignored the big picture.

Russ sez:
A song we pulled out of retirement for the album. We played it once and shelved it. Then the guitarist screwed everything up by playing a completely different part over the existing bass and drums. The guitar part you hear has some interesting voicings, long stretches, and sweep picking.

Steve sez:
Why was this the title song of the album? Certainly not because of it's political message that angrily decries media control of our lives. It's just that, as the album came to completion, we found ourselves saying "who fucking cares" quite a lot.

Listen (normal):


Listen (Steve):

The daily news drives me insane
Bombarding me with random pain
Switch it off, the noise won't wane
The bastards just turn up the gain

All my friends repeat their lies
What to like and to despise
Propaganda billboard size
Think like me their message cries

        People you are so damn dumb
        When millions die you all go numb
        But kill just one, the whole world stares
        Who cares, who cares, who fucking cares

I care about the human race
We're growing at a rapid pace
But what good is a single face
Or seven people lost in space

We must not sweat the small details
Like crying over dog entrails
While millions languish in the jails
With fortress walls to mute their wails

        People you are so damn dumb...

Guitar Solo

Which tragedy would first get filed
The VP's little kidnapped child
Or Bhopal, where the bodies piled
The kid's worth more, that gets me riled

One day the bombs will start to blow
The press will be the first to go
Those left alive will have their woe
They'll live the truth they did not know

        People you are so damn dumb...