Severe Tire Damage: Pincushion Boy

(Mark Manasse)

Based on a true story.


You're waking up all sweaty
In the middle of the night
So you try reading a story
But there's trouble with your eyesight
And you're feeling weak and dizzy
You're complaining of your plight
To your doctor who decides to check
Your ears out with a light, and

   You're a pincushion boy

They draw your blood and urine
Make you walk a balance beam
And then they strap and muzzle you into
A claustrophobe's worst bad dream
When they've jiggled every molecule
They let you out to scream
But when they take some fluids from your spine
You catch the needle's gleam, yeah

   You're a pincushion boy

Guitar Solo

You've got a diagnosis that
Explains the bumps and spills
And why walking down the street
Reminds you of a climb straight uphill
You inject yourself with drugs that give you
Tremors, pains, and chills,
And though you know the shots are not a cure
They'll have to do until, so

   You're a pincushion boy