Severe Tire Damage: Jeremy

(Russ Haines)

Based on Mark Manasse's double-stop bass riff and the three note "Jeremy" phrase, the song wrote itself in one night. When Steve wasn't at rehearsal, we played it as Jeremy. When Steve's around, it's "Voices."


There they go out on the street again
I just don't know what she sees in him.
I just don't know what to do about Jeremy

I saw them on a date again
She hangs around with  all of  my old friends
Most of them don't care too much for Jeremy.

	There they go again
	out on the street
	I don't think that...
	[she coulda had me]

I called her up the other night
asked her if  she's feeling alright
asked her why the hell she hangs with Jeremy

It was good to hear her voice again
She says she'd like to keep me as a friend
She wants me to get to  know Jeremy

Guitar Solo

I heard they got engaged the other day
She called  me up just to hear what I had to say
I hope she has a good life with Jeremy