Severe Tire Damage: Evariste

(Dexter Kozen)

It's about some French guy.

Russ sez:
Evariste Galois was a kickass rockin' French mathematician in the early 1800s. By the time he was 21 years old, he had been thrown in prison a bunch, founded group theory, and been killed in a gun duel. And you thought math was boring!

Listen (normal):


Listen (3 Steves):

intro    E
        [E B/D# D A/C# E] x2

verse   [E B/D# D A/C# E 
         A E/G# G E E] x2
         G D/F# F E
         G D/F# F E  (2nd & 3rd verse[ G D/F# Dm/F A)
short bridge 
         A ... E
         A ...
long bridge
         [A Em] repeat indefinitely into short bridge

extro    G D/F# Dm/F A

Pen dry hand aching Red sky dawn breaking Candle low fever high Today I'm going to die Evariste Sweet song in my ear That no one else could hear Got it down but there's no time No time to make it rhyme Evariste (short bridge) Blood pound adrenalin run Turn round face to the sun Raise arm point gun So much left undone Evariste (long bridge) Dashed hopes shattered dreams Truth never what it seems one truth that is clear Sweet song in my ear Evariste