Severe Tire Damage: Carcinoma

(Lyrics by: Bill Coates, Music by: Bill Coates and Dexter Kozen)

Originally just a play of words on the phrase, "I've got something on my mind," it's a bit more interesting as our bass player is getting cat scanned for that dizzy feeling...

Steve sez:
This song was originally written (music and lyrics) by Bill Coates. It was back when we were in that punk band "Snail Death". It seemed like a morbid-enough subject (the band later proved its sick bent when it changed it's name to "Shuttle Dust" after the Challenger disaster).

Years later, our sometimes-drop-in-when-he's-in-town member Dexter Kozen grabbed a whole pile of lyrics and wrote music for them. This song, as well as "Car On Fire" (another Bill Coates piece) got new music. We present them to you this way.


Verse:    [A Bm G A] x4
Chorus 1: [C G A] x2
Chorus 2: [C G A] x2
           C G D A
           C G A B
Chorus 3: [C G A] x2
          [C G D A] x3
           C G A B

I got a dizzy feeling Kinda feel alright I kinda feel like someone else I wanna shoot on sight I got a poison headache Got it all the time I went to see the doc He said you're doing fine But you got something on your mind But you got something on your mind Smoke a little garbage Drink a little drink Nuke a little dinner Throw up in the sink Watch a little TV Catch a couple of rays Something growing in my brain It's bigger every day Well I got something on my mind Well I got something on my mind Carcinoma carcinoma carcinoma She's so fine Guitar Solo I can't take the pressure I can't make it quit I used to wear my hat But now it just don't fit I'm gonna do some damage Then I'll do some more Black & Decker surgery You can clean up the floor Cause I got something in my brain Cause I got something in my brain Carcinoma carcinoma carcinoma carcinoma carcinoma carcinoma carcinoma That's her name