Severe Tire Damage: The Girl with Emphysema

(Severe Tire Damage)

This is what happens when jazz goes bad. Very bad.

If you disliked this tune, you're sure to hate Die, Diana.


Lyrics are by Severe Tire Damage's own MBoner Lance Berc. The Portuguese lyrics are as originally written, performed through the Steve Rubin patented "Syllable On Demand" filter system. This product was not tested on laboratory animals. Dolphin Safe. Animal Action monitored by Brad Horak. This product has not been tested by the FDA.

Short, and fat, and smelly and lazy
The Girl with Emphysema goes bowling
And when she wheezes each one who sees her goes "ahhh"

She quivers and shakes her flesh so roughly
it's like an earthquake that when she passes each
seismograph needle goes "ahhh"

oh, how I watch her so sadly.
how, how can I tell her I loathe her?
yes, I would turn my gaze quickly,
but each day when she has to go pee,
her path thunders right in front of me.