Severe Tire Damage: A Public Service Announcement

From time to time, Severe Tire Damage is asked to support a worthy cause. The following is a Public Service Announcement for SoundWood: a programme to ensure the availability of exotic hardwoods used in the making of musical instruments.

The nice lady from SoundWood in Cambridge, England sent a nice letter to Severe Tire Damage with a note from Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead asking for the band's support (along with a host of other musicians) in saving rainforest trees for musical instruments. While this seems a worthwhile cause, the guitarist was puzzled by the "Organization:" line in the email which read:

"Organization: Free Burma-No Petro-dollars for SLORC"

Which caused said guitarist to ask the bassist, who is a mathematical cryptographer what this might mean. The bass player responded, "SLORC is the junta of Burma at the moment." Which caused a song.


None of which has anything to do with the following Public Service Announcement