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Severe Tire Damage in the
Rolling Stones Website

Posted November 21, 1994

". . . The MBONE Broadcast began on Friday November 18th 10:00pmEST after a an unannounced renegade warmup set by an obscure and very bad band of furry Palo Alto Geeks. They touted that this was the first ever warmup set by a band in a different city thanthe headliner. They started their warmup set at 9:30EST just as we were about to do our final set of broadcast tests before the do or die live video feed came via satellite from the Cotton Bowl so we fully agreed when they did crufty durges like "I'm an asshole." and "We don't care.". . . "

Severe Tire Damage Editorial: Severe Tire Damage warmed up with comedian Denis Leary's "I'm an Asshole" during a breakdown of the local MBone connection. Apparently there was no breakdown...

Posted several days later

". . . The Sexually Tranmitted Diseases came back on for a followup acoustic set, much much much worse than the first, because they covered campy folk songs that we all recognized from numerous acid trips around the fires at Grateful Dead parking lot parties, and Washington Square Park furry troll guitar singalong sessions. YUCK!"

Severe Tire Damage Editorial: Severe Tire Damage's local audience and half the band left during the Stones' MCast. Bass player Mark Manasse and guitarist Russ Haines stuck around after the show to host a live worldwide gameshow/singalong, awarding virtual beers to the audience. Highlights included heavy virtual beer consumption by a rowdy Australian site and a "Beavis and Butthead" imitation from Finland.