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Severe Tire Damage in ;login:, The USENIX Association Newsletter

"This year all three USENIX tracks - Refereed Papers, Invited Talks, and USELINUX Business - shared a common closing session. This year's ceremony featured the band Severe Tire Damage. The band began its musical career under another name with a different collection of people. Originally, all members were employed at DEC, but over the years the band's members have changed as often as its name.

Severe Tire Damage entertained USENIX participants for an hour and a half, alternating between playing live music - the lyrics of which usually had a humorous technical slant - and describing its member's collective experiences that led to becoming the band it is today.

For up-to-date information on Severe Tire Damage, check out their '2 k3wl 4 u' Web site at http://www.std.org."

-- "Reports on the 1997 USENIX Technical Conference in Anaheim: Joint Closing Session, Severe Tire Damage's Stupid MBone Tricks, A Lecture/Demonstration", by Idajean M. Fisher, ;login, Vol 22, No 2, page 37, April, 1997.

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