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Severe Tire Damage in The Chiefet Letter

"Music groups from around the world are posting their songs on IUMA. It has become a form of music self-publishing allowing any group to distribute their songs electronically. However, the group Severe Tire Damage went one step further. They actually "broadcast" a live concert on the Internet, real-time audio and video, as an unofficial opening act for the recent Rolling Stones debut session on the Internet. The audio quality is marginal, the video has a slow frame rate, and you need mega hardware to play this game, but the idea is obviously very cool. As one of the members of the band said--right now there aren't locks on the Internet and so we can do what we want."

-- "Inside the Internet", by Stewart Cheifet, The Cheifet Letter, page 3, vol 6, issue 8, June 1995.

Severe Tire Damage Editorial: Stewart Cheifet was the host of PBS's "The Computer Chronicles".

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