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Severe Tire Damage in Interactive Age

"9:30 p.m.: . . . suddenly, as yet another scoopful of penne with pesto is heaped atop a plastic plate in New Jersey, a pirate transmission begins making its way over the MBone.

"In Xerox Parc, a Palo Alto, Calif., research facility, a grunge-looking band called Severe Tire Damage --led by dummer Mark Weiser, director of Xerox Corp.'s computer science lab--attempts to steal the Stones' thunder as an unscheduled opening acton the Net.

"They may not be very good, but they are the first to perform a warm-up set in a different state, geographically, from the headliner. The spirit of Internet anarchy has met rock's rebellion and neither has backed down. . . .

". . . 9:50 p.m.: With 10 minutes to go before a canned videotape of backstage Stones interviews and outtakes are to be transmitted from Jersey City over the MBone, and Severe Tire Damage about to relinquish its unlawful hold on the MBone, Thinking Pictures and Sun haven't even received a test pattern from Dallas' Cotton Bowl. . . ."

-- "Stones and the Net", Interactive Age, page 1, November 28, 1994.

Severe Tire Damage Editorial: Factual Errors, (1) Our MCast was from Digital's Systems Research Center, (2) Severe Tire Damage was not led by "dummer Mark Weiser", (3) "unlawful hold"? -not!