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Severe Tire Damage in Entertainment Weekly

". . . And yet, the evening wasn't a total loss. After Thinking Pictures finished its work, someone at the company's office noticed that other sites in this multimedia mini-Net were transmitting video. A small crowd began gathering around the Thinking Pictures monitor to watch two bearded guitarists belt out an unplugged cover of the Wild Cherry song "Play That Funky Music" from one of the sites (berc@panther.pa.dec.com).

"It was then that the real beauty of the Stones concert became clear. The Internet is the great leveler-the only place in the world where the Rolling Stones can beyour warm-up act. Now that's something to get excited about."

-- "EXILE ON A MAINFRAME: The Rolling Stones appear live--sort of--on the Internet", by George Mannes, Entertainment Weekly, page 82, #252, December 9, 1994.

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