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Severe Tire Damage on KFOG (97.7 FM)

Severe Tire Damage was asked to special-deliver their Spice Girls ripoff song "Chipmunks Wannabe" in time for the KFOG Spice-o-rama on January 29, 1998. The morning banter went something like this:

Dave Morey: ...We got a package from Severe Tire Damage, a group that is known for various things, for being the "First Band on the Internet" among others. I was going to play a cut but I noticed this sticker that says "parental advisory -- contains explicit lyrics."

Peter Finch and Kim Wonderly (together): All the more reason to play it!

Dave plays excerpt from the Severe Tire Damage CD, "Small Furry Rodents Wannabe", a Chipmunks Spice Girls parody. Amused laughter...

Dave: It says this took them an hour and a half to record this...

Kim: That long?

Dave: They note that "chipmunk" refers only to the small mammal that if anthropomorphized might have a high squeaky voice and bears no relationship whatsoever to the intellectual property of the Bagdasarian corporation. Also, they say that coming soon is "Severe Tire Damage World", the movie. Check out their web page at www.std.org...