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Severe Tire Damage at Cal State University, Hayward

Photos by Berry Kercheval

Severe Tire Damage was invited to Cal State University Hayward on March 1, 2000 to speak to a group of multimedia graduate students. The topic: "Severe Tire Damage's Stupid Internet Tricks". After pizza and a few pitchers of beer, the band regaled students with useless facts and tall tales. The audience didn't laugh at any of the Monty Python references in the lecture and seemed frightened when Severe Tire Damage launched into hits like "Carcinoma" and "Chris Killed Your Dog". Highlights included a listing of previous Severe Tire Damage drummers and how they died, a few phone calls to Mark's cell phone from viewers on the Internet, as well as screaming feedback and drum smashing as the band left the stage after the last tune.

Severe Tire Damage never got the promised honorarium from CSUH. Always get payment in advance, kids.