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Explicit Severe Tire Damage Lyrics

Some of Severe Tire Damage's songs use words that may be inappropriate for small children and the narrow minded. Following is a table of which words are in which songs. Also included is a short explanation of the context in which the word is used. Listeners may choose either to order a Custom-CD including none of the offending songs
--or only the offending songs.

Around and Around "...while I sit on my ass..."
Chris Killed Your Dog "...he overheard you bitching..."
"...shut up, cunt..."
I Need More "...sell it to Bruce Springsteen."
Jeremy "...asked her why the hell..."
Stuart "Life without drugs seems like hell."
We Hate This Song "You're just our fans, so fuck you..."
"This shit's for the birds..."
What I Do "The path that leads to Hell."
Who Cares "The bastards just turn up the gain..."
"...who fucking cares..."

...and if anyone's offended by the choice of words in Severe Tire Damage songs, consider the fact that the song topics include cancer, drug use, euthanasia for hire, and ruining the environment. The songs that don't use foul language are about home surgery with power tools, schizophrenia, the warm feeling of watching a friend's car burning, getting killed in a gun duel, and running with scissors.

In short, if you're concerned about phonemes, the memes are gonna get you.

Or, to put it simply (which is probably a good idea for those who are actually concerned about the use of dirty words), you're missing the forest for the trees.