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Official Severe Tire Damage CDs

Remember the CD? Those strange physical objects that now sit in shoeboxes under your bed? If you're over 40, you keep them next to your boxes of casette tapes. And if you're over 60, there are probably some 8-track tapes there, too.

Severe Tire Damage is proud to have been part of that incredible rush toward consumerism. Back in the day, we had two CDs. That's right, TWO! Our first CD, "Who Cares" must have sold DOZENS over the years, and our second CD, "Trial Starter Kit" did slightly better because we bundled it with some random software and gave it away free.

But now, those CDs are just fading memories in the addled minds of aging rockers. So what is left for a capatilist consumer with folding money, burning to be spent? Why buy our latest CD, of course!

We've packaged all of the great songs of our first two CDs into a third one, "The Best We Can Do." Buy it now at Amazon.